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Project Certainty is our firm-wide initiative which seeks to improve the aging process for all residents of Crawford, Mercer, Erie, and Venango Counties. We believe the aging process can be improved by increasing access to information and awareness of community resources. If you are a senior or child of a senior seeking information, please take a tour to learn more about the successful aging process. If you are a service provider, please contact us to learn more about how you can help. 


The aging process is changing. In part due to technology, increased longevity, and changes in the areas of finance, tax, and law, the process of growing older looks much different now than it did 20 years ago. Project Certainty is about recognizing those inherent changes in the process, and developing appropriate legal models to address them. 


Here is an example: end-of-life decision-making is a right of every person, not a privilege of the wealthy. Download a free health care power of attorney and living will document from the link above to begin that planning process with your family.

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