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CRIMINAL DEFENSE  |  Driving Under the Influence (DUI) | Assault & Battery | Juvenile Delinquency

Criminal Defense

  1. Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

  2. Assault & Battery

  3. Theft 

  4. Burglary

  5. Traffic Violations



  1. Previous Assistant District Attorney of Crawford County

  2. Previous Clerk of Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals

  3. Guest lecturer at Crawford County Alcohol Highway Safety School

Our criminal law practice involves the aggressive defense of clients charged with a crime.  Some common examples include DUI, robbery, or other offenses. Proper defense of criminal matters includes a realistic appraisal of a client's likelihood of success, and setting a strategy for resolution of that matter, whether resolution requires preparing for jury trial or negotiating a settlement with the prosecution. 


Our criminal law practice benefits from years of experience working in and with the District Attorney's office, allowing us to negotiate suitable settlement agreements with prosecutors. When a deal needs to be made--or should be made--we can help navigate that complicated process. 


When trials are necessary, our office has considerable jury trial experience, obtaining successful resolution and success in many difficult cases for clients. We provide certainy in times of great confusion and concern. 

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