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Elder Law Overview 2019

Course Location and Time:

September 13th @ Iroquois Boating & Fishing Club, 8:45AM to 11:30AM

Course Overview:

There are few areas of law changing more quickly than those laws affecting elderly clients and their rights. Understanding those changing laws and the manner in which they affect aging clients is critical to rendering advice that is accurate, thoughtful, and designed to produce successful results for clients and families. Certified Elder Law Attorney Tye J. Cressman will discuss recent changes in legislative policy and applicable cases, as well as trends affecting elderly and disabled clients.

Participants Will:

Gain awareness of legislative changes regarding Pennsylvania inheritance tax, Qualified Retirement Plans and IRAs, and Veterans’ benefits; discuss estate planning trends affecting disabled and special needs individuals; as well as IRAs and Qualified Retirement Assets in light of the SECURE Act of 2019; and conclude with elder law trends affecting persons seeking long-term care supports and services, including Veterans and families.

To Register:

Contact Cressman Erde Ferguson at (814) 807-1071 or RSVP here no later than September 9, 2019. There is no charge for this course, but please contact us with any cancellations.

Additional Information:

  • Breakfast provided

  • Note-taking materials provided

  • Feel free to forward/recommend to colleagues who might benefit


9:00 - 9:30: Legislative and Case Law Update. We will cover major state and federal law changes affecting older adults, including the SECURE Act, PA inheritance tax, Veterans’ Benefits and cases involving Powers of Attorney.

9:30 - 10:30: Estate Planning. We will cover two major areas of law changing in 2019: planning for clients with substantial retirement plans (IRAs and QRPs) and Special Needs planning. Focus will include updated planning options for retirement plans in light of the SECURE Act for trust-based planning, and how Special Needs planning tools continue to evolve in light of increased ABLE Account use.

10:30 - 11:30: Elder Law. Sweeping Veterans’ Benefits changes in late 2018 now affect every Veteran seeking in-home or institutional-level care. We explore the VA rule changes and how those changes impact Veterans and families. Further, Medicaid planning questions continue to dominate long-term care discussions for clients and families, so discussion for skilled care options is included.

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