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I'm Revising My Will and My Children Don't Get Along -- What Should I Do?

A major issue faced by many families is minor (or major) discord among children. Most often, this arises when one spouse is already deceased, and various children are disagreeing over the many issues that arise during the aging process. This is where experienced elder law attorneys can be of great assistance to parents trying to keep everyone happy.

First, if your children are disagreeing, consider scheduling your lawyer's visit alone, rather than with a child (even your favorite). While a child can be helpful, bringing a child to your appointment can also create trust issues surrounding any solutions developed during an appointment. Second, consider using the experienced elder law attorney not only to draft any necessary estate planning documents, but to serve in a mediative capacity, explaining your goals and issues to your children. Sometimes lack of information for siblings and step-siblings is the trigger to many disputes.

In many situations, communication is key, and an attorney can assist you in finding the voice to ensure your children feel as if they are all being treated fairly, while also understanding how various laws affect your decision. A good lawyer should be your friend, advocate, and voice throughout difficult situations.

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